Side Effect of Conscription

I cannot find the same article online but there was an interesting article (for me) in today’s Korean Herald.

Military fatigues cause confusion at protests over U.S. beef imports.

“The Defense Ministry briefly got entangled yesterday in a public rumpus over U.S. beef imports after it said it was moving to crack down on protesters wearing military uniforms, but hurriedly backtracked amid a backlash.”

All Korean males who underwent the military service here keep military uniforms for reserve training and in case they are mobilized as active-duty soldiers. ‘Military uniforms’ are a symbol of national unity and sacrifice of young lives to their home country. Now, young Korean males wear them at protests on the issue of US beef import. I would like to figure out WHY they want to do that and what it means from a sociological perspective. Is this another “dancing in the street” phenomenon in which the state has no possible means to control collective ecstasy?

A side note on today’s news:I have never encountered other medias that refer to the OECD (i.e. rich countries) as the major standard for everything as the South Korean news media does. Someone should study this phenomenon.Korea’s Gender Wage Gap Biggest in OECD

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