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Muninn has been posting really fun articles at his blog recently. Since I share common interests, and probably have similar background knowledge to some extent, I really enjoy his satires in these articles. At the same time, I have been surprised with how people react to them.One of the postings he made was about the anti-Korean sentiment among the Taiwanese. It is a fun article *BECAUSE*, as far as we know, most of the Taiwanese are so chilled out about these ‘sentiment’ issues (except those nationalistic anti-China youths). Even when our friends make negative comments on Koreans, they know that it sounds totally irrational, and it is almost like they are playing this ‘game’ of nationalism, which is apparently very popular in the world, just for fun. We see it as a satire on the Taiwanese own part, and Muninn is just participating in the Taiwanese sarcasm in his posting. Obviously, people are not used to this sort of sarcasm. It is amazing how many people are trying to explain ‘why’s in their comments despite the fact that it is just a game of irrationality! And as a result, many of them end up creating another stereotype of the Taiwanese. It is exactly what Muninn (and the Taiwanese that he mentions in the posting) is making fun of.I (and Muninn, too, probably) was wrong to assume that people know the Taiwanese are super open and laid-back, and that the irrationality and stupidity of anti-something sentiments is so obvious that it requires no explanation.Munnin also has two completely satirical articles this and this. Muninn spreads so many secret meanings (especially in the one on Dokto) which people with no background knowledge will never get. I guess this is how Muninn, a total role play and history geek, enjoys his free time.

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