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I defended my prospectus last December and passed my oral exams in March. I forgot what I have been doing since then but time flies really fast, and here I am. Back in Japan. I am starting my real, not “preliminary,” research for my dissertation.

I am starting from the 青年団報アーカイブス in Tsuruga, Fukui. I visited there last summer and I’m looking forward to excavating the boxes more closely this time. I will spend July in Sendai. I am not quite sure what I can find there but Christopher, who has spent a year there doing local history, has suggested a number of things already. Almost all Japanese local histories in English are about Nagano for a good reason. But Sendai seems to have good local historical materials too. We will see.

After that I will move to Tokyo. I have no specific plan yet but I soon have to expand my networks in Korea and Taiwan and visit there as soon as possible. Networking. The sound of it intimidates me. Fortunately I got generous funding this year which allows me to fly between many places.

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  1. Wow, you’re going to Tsuruga! My wife is from Imazu, just over the mountains from Tsuruga in Shiga-ken. We went on lots of dates to Tsuruga, usually going to the beach there, which is really great (at least until the jellyfish explosion in August). There’s a really good fish market there, and my favorite restaurant there is a place called 餃子の王将, they have hands-down some of the best gyoza I’ve ever had.

    Tsuruga also has, thanks to the nearby peninsula, probably the highest density of nuclear power plants of anywhere in Japan (three on the peninsula, if I remember correctly).

  2. Sendai, JA seems to be a super cool choice! Go for it!!!

    BTW, are you familiar with Dr. Sonia Ryang’s work (Social Anthropology)? She is currently teaching in Univ. of Iowa, and I have been very much interested in the angles of her studies on Korea and its diaspora. Although they might not really hit your field immediately, you would benefit from her academic endeavor in the very niche-y, and, therefore overlooked location in the history.

    Good luck with your summer in JA.

  3. Thank you for the tips guys!

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