I’m Back. Sort of.

After a long hiatus, enough motivation came back to me to continue writing here. As you can tell from my last posting, Discussing Pregnancy of Dissertation Writers, I gave birth to a child in June 2013. It is not just “things became crazy busy”– yes, I was more tired and had more things to do every day. But rather I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I do not have even five minutes to spare, because both childcare and academia are such fields that make you feel guilty if you are not completely devoted to them. Recently, however, I realized that the last posting is still bringing visitors to this blog. I’ve also developed a weird sense of responsibility to continue sharing the joy and difficulty of being a parent while being a (in my case, itinerant) junior scholar because people keep asking me.

Before going back to the topic of pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare in graduate school, I want to update where I am now. Both my partner and I completed our dissertations while being on the job market. Luckily we got offered a few options and opted for new adventure outside the US. I defended my dissertation in June 2014, the day before my son’s first birthday. A few days later, we completely left NY, and after a whole summer of traveling, we moved to Florence, Italy, for my postdoctoral fellowship at the European University Institute. We are relocating to Singapore this coming summer for other academic appointments.

Although I probably forgot a lot of how I felt at the time, we will go back to my graduate school life and pregnancy—in the next posting.

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