This is the personal blog of Sayaka Chatani, a historian trained mostly in the United States and teaching in Singapore. The blog is named after the writings of her favorite thinker, Antonio Gramsci, although the blog is by no means limited to discussing Marxism, fascism, or Italian history.

I am afraid that me using this domain name might be a disgrace to his name. I acknowledge my shamelessness. The word “prison” worries my mom as well, who is already concerned of her daughter’s mental health in a seemingly very depressing academic world. Mom, what I mean is that we are all trapped in small enclosures of a kind, from which we can only hope to see a narrow ray of knowledge.

The content of this blog has changed and developed over time, but it is largely a collection of raw and random thoughts on modern history of East Asia, nationalism, militarism, military-society relationships, academics, education, multi-lingualism, the environment, and other social issues.

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