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Historiography on Japan’s recruitment of Korean soldiers in 1938

As I indicated in the previous posting, I read 宮田節子「朝鮮民衆と皇民化政策」and Brandon Palmer’s dissertation “Japan’s mobilization of Koreans for war, 1937-1945” as a starter. Miyata Setsuko looks at similar sources (高等外事月報, 朝鮮思想運動 etc) and analyzes the reaction of Korean people to … Continue reading

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The Other Topic (Recruitment of Korean soldiers in 1938)

I have another paper topic to figure out soon for a class on comparative history of colonial rule in the twentieth century. I got numerous ideas just by reading the two primary sources listed in my previous posting, but I … Continue reading

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Notes on the Works on Korean War Criminals in WWII (2)

Below are interesting discussions and topics that could potentially lead to further research. First, Chae refers to a work by a Japanese journalist, Nomura Susumu, and discusses the reason why there was a wide-spread rumor that Korean prison guards were … Continue reading

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